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Meow! I have been using the internet since 2007. I like being silly and aesthetically childish. I've been a furry since age 10 but only become a *proud* furry since 2014 or so. I love web surfing. Collecting online images is my favorite thing to do. I am closeted offline, I often don't seek out friendships like I used to do- but I'm by all means not an introvert. I love parties and get-togethers Any chance to be surrounded by people as long as they have positive energy. I love helping others too, if it wasn't for my current financial sitatuion I'd be out volunteering. I adore nature and the different cultures the world has to offer. Not much of a drinker nor do I indulge in drug use but I believe those who do are not ciminals- that drug use of any kind should be legalized, and only those who break the law in other ways (DUIs, murder, etc) should be punished accordingly. I LOVE firearms, proud gun lover. And I believe life was better socially back in the early 2000s.
I hope you enjoy my webpage, my friend!
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