My Melody Crying
June 13th, 2021


Man my memory is so cucked. Since when did I create THIS account? What's even on that account? I signed into this email because it was connected to another Neocities page, and I wanted to see if anyone contacted me. The email is from recently too. Why am I like thisssss.
Speaking of Aidan thhough... I wanted to write him a letter last night. Not in the same vein as my other letters or really my usual approach toward him entirely. I have some things I wanna get off my chest and I wanna do it in a civil manner, the letter aspect is so he sees it. I also have other things in mind. Things I wanna keep private just between us. My "word salad" moments are embarassing. I hope I can accurately write down what I'm thinking, It's like a printer low on ink, sometimes things get lost in transltion, from my head to paper. I'm gonna put time into writing this letter as I feel it's very important.