July 9th, 2020


Charlotte is soooooo cute. Last night I took her on a walk and she was playing with these two oher dogs who were on a walk- Baltimore has so many dog owners, you see a dog every day. This one lady who wasn't a native English-speaker, she somehow knew Chr and was familiar with her- she was a friendly ol' lady, very wholesome but I don't know what tongue she speaks. Ft=rench? Spainish? Another guy knew what she was speaking, he was black and he looked very cool. His dog was sooo playful with Char, Char is such a sweether- she loves playing around.
My legs are very sore, I think it's because I masturbated recently and tht's what happens when I do that- I hardly ever masturbate, randomly felt spiky in that moment. I wish I was strong! I'd step on people and crush their stupid bones >: 3 I'd crush Aidan's bones, I'd break 'em.... But I'm too weak to do that, I am too weak to hurt anyone, meow. I can hurt people when I scratch them, that's how I fight- though it's easy to just grab my wrists and keep me from doing anything, that's how weak I am : (
Imma go to Family Dollar and buy some brownies, I am craving brownies. I'm so bloated from eating cheese and milk, I'm not supposed to be eating lactose but it's sooooooooooo good ;; plus, my favorite snack is Whales! Cheese crackers! They are so yummy.