July 27th, 2020


My psych appointment is in a little over a hour- then at 10, it's my case manager appointment. I hope they call ths time aaaa...... Anyways, I had a horrible night sleep as always. I went to bed at 1am due to sleeping almost half the day. Chr kept tryna snuggle with me on the couch : / Normally that'd be so cute but not when I'm having nightmares, I woke up so many times because I kicked her and her lil puppy face made me so sad.... One time I woke up and found I kicked her off the couch, her facelooked so confused- like noo come ON man......... I'm not tryna hurt you on purpose ;-; i cant control myself when sleeping, i also scream/talk in my sleep sometimes- its just.. bleh.
My dream was just another 'alternate reality'-esc dream where it feelsso real yet im living another life, another world with its own lore and rules.

I wonder what Aidan dreams about.... I bet theyre better than mine.