July 22nd, 2020


The cats are very angry tonight, they are fighting each other in the sky- LOUD thunder rumbles and heavy rain, I guess they're having an argument. I messaged Aidan yesturday about the gift card thiny and I showed him the page I made about him- heeeee. Didn't like it, I took it down per his request. I still wanna do SOMETHING with him, not sure what? I gotta think..... Anyways, I am having trouble setting up a new email so I can message him again- I don't feel like verifying a stupid phone number. Bla blh, meow. I am also running out of PFPs to use, my image files are all over the place due to tryna joggle with various flashdrives- my one flashdrive is messed up and THATS a burden. I wonder what I should eat for dinner tonight, hmmmm..