July 13th, 2020


I'm so lonely. I want a guy to go urban exploring with me, hell I want a friend group. I'm so lazy though, I feel like you have to get lucky with that sorta thing. I haven't had sex in awhile simply because I haven't been looking- I don't care for sex all too much : / I just wanna hang out and do all kinds of fun things.
I wanna go to an abandoned building, pour chocolate syrup on a baby doll, spread it all around, then come visit it the next day to see all the ants crawling over it and take pictures- make art. Let's get wild, let's do some crazy shit because we can. I want to scare people. I want to go to a party. I wanna dress up like it's the 90s and stop giving a shit about the world.
I can do that now but I'm so scared to meet new people....


Fuck. Sooooo..... Omar won't drive me tp pick something up which means I outta take a damn bus lol
I was looking at Craigslist and someones giving away free VHS tapes- NICE SCORE. I'm awaiting a reply back, so excited. He replied earlier so it isn't like I never got confirmation.


Nevermind, Omar refuses to drive me there- why? Because he's lazy. He doesn't want me to pick up 'junk'. VHS are not junk. I've been annoyed ever since- he's in one of those moods and I'm tired of him calling me names and laying his hands on me.