August 6th, 2020


Taylor and I are hanging out, I've been here for days. I'm leaving today, maybe. Taylor might ask me to stay another night, I was gonna leave yesturday but he really wanted me to stay another night. Poor Taylor, his girlfrieend broke up with him. He's been with her for two years, he told me how she was the only other person he talked to socially. I know how he feels, Eli was the only person I could talk to before he left- though circumstances were a lot different, I was trapped with my abusive family- I relied on Eli for emotional support, I don't think I loved him. I don't know what love feels like, maybe I'm just afraid of it. Taylor clearly loved her, poor Taylor.
We went to Dollar Tree yesturday, I bought a breakfast burrito but now that I'm eating it- it turns out it is somewhat spicy. Not TOO bad, yet I wasn't expecting it haha. Taylor comes home at 3:30. I'm tryna shake off my anxiety, I had a huge nightmare last night about my family. I feel really pathetic for thinking about them still, as well as thinking about Aidan- even when I'm with my friends : / I should get a therapist.


Taylor will be home any minute now, I wonder if he's gonna ask me to stay another night... I hope not tbhhhh.