April 24th, 2021


I signed up to volunteer at a Garden after being shown how to sign up for volunteer work. It will be on April 30th, I only hope people will be nice to me and not be rude- I mean, why would they be rude? I don't know. People can be quite unexpected. I'm disabled, I "sound like a retard". They may see me as a burden. But I'm probably being overly anxious, this is a non-profit place where dedicated people come to help. If anyone is rude, that would be depressing to find out. I also sent an application for Red Cross Diaster Relief to be a volunteer, I don't think they'd get back to me though. I won't go "trigger-happy" about applications, Imma go to the Garden and then see how that goes. If it goes well, I'll be sure to volunteer again.